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A Few of My Favorites - Bathroom

If you just moved into a new house and need some bathroom inspiration (looking at you, Lisa!), or maybe you're tired of the shower curtain you've had since college and want a bathroom refresh, look no further! There are so many affordable ways to update your water closet without ripping up tiles and replacing vanities. Below are a few of my favorite bathroom items for an updated, soothing, and of course neutral (because it's me) look:

  • Momeni Isabella Runner - I am a fan of using a beautiful runner in the bathroom to elevate the look a little (fancy it up!), instead of just a bath mat or the typical little rectangle bathroom rug offerings. Depending on your color scheme and to keep things more simple, you could always go with a plush white option too.

  • Apothecary Jars - Apothecary jars come in all shapes and sizes (from old school candy shop jars to the cylindrical versions you see these days) and materials (glass, acrylic, etc.) and are a must in bathrooms to hold all those little bathroom-y items, such as Q-tips, cotton balls, dental floss sticks, bath salts, bath bombs...the list goes on. I have linked my basic favorites, but search "apothecary jars" on #Amazon and the world opens up for you.

  • Wire Baskets - Wire baskets are a great place to store towels. Rolled towels in a basket look beautiful and organized already, so you can keep them out as added decoration, preserving precious bathroom hidden storage for other items.

  • Towels - Speaking of towels, I have always loved this gorgeous line from World Market. Target has some great basics in exquisite neutral colors

  • Pretty Hand Towels - A must! There are SO many options out there and it is easy to match your color scheme. Check out Target (love these), World Market (these match the towels I mentioned above), Amazon, Walmart...and on and on.

  • Soap and Lotion Dispenser -

  • Shower Curtains - You really can't go wrong with a white or cream shower curtain, and a quick search on #target 's filterable website will yield a plethora of results. Waffle is my go-to (check out Amazon, which may have better prices), but also look at macrame, textured, and I'm a sucker for anything by Chip and JoJo! There are endless decorative options out there if you want to spread your shower curtain wings and branch out. Little #tip: a heavy weight shower liner will stay where it is supposed to hang, rather than doing that obnoxious haunted floating thing all up in your space. Worth the expense (but really not expensive...)!

  • Other Storage - We use this three-compartment woven basket on the back of our guest room toilet, filled with an extra roll of toilet paper, a box of tissues, and some bath salts in glass jars.

  • Cover Your Tissues - It instantly cleans up the space when you cover your tissue box. I love this wooden option, but another one I have in my cart is this gray one.

  • Faux Greenery - run by #Target for some affordable artificial greenery (pre-potted, pre-done, easy as pie; love this one for $5!) to take your bathroom decor up a notch. You can certainly use live plants, but then you have to remember to water them... (not my forte').

  • Candles - finish your space with a candle that you can burn for a luxe ambiance (and to make guests feel more at ease when using your facilities). Scents are so highly personal to people, so head out to World Market, Target, Marshalls, Home Goods, TJ Maxx and start sniffing out your favorites.

Have I missed any bathroom musts? What is your favorite part of your bathroom?

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