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Baby Bathtime Checklist

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Bathtime with little ones can be a splashy circus. In true #ENTJ form (Myers-Briggs anyone? Efficient. Concise.), I've rounded up a quick list of items that have helped keep baby bathtime with two soothing and delightful for all instead of chaotic and frazzling.

  1. Bouncy Seat - First and foremost, I recommend having a landing spot for your little one before and after the bath. Both of our babies have loved this affordable option from Amazon. And both parents have loved that it's light and easy to transport all over the house.

  2. Bath Seat - Secondly, if your baby is in the wobbly early stages of sitting up (like Indie is) or you have a rambunctious toddler in the bath too, you'll need a place to put baby IN the bath to free up your hands for scrubbing and playing. One tip to prevent tush sliding in the seat or tub - let your little one sit on a washcloth. No fancy anti-sliding equipment needed!

  3. Baby Wash/Shampoo - We have loved the Puracy line. If you need something more to combat cradle cap, this luxurious shampoo has proven effective in our house! Also check out this non-scented, foaming option we have used as well.

  4. Bath Rinser - To wash off the suds, you've probably seen this whale rinser. It's a fun toy for kids and a lifesaver for hair-washing!

  5. Non-moldy Toys - You may have seen the horror stories of squeeze bath toys growing mold inside (YouTube...gross!). These boats are dishwasher safe and avoid the problem of holding water internally as your own little bathtub petri dish... Fun tip for babies - turn them upside down, scoop up water, and hold them up for little fingers to try to grab the water streaming through the holes. Playtime!

  6. Baby Lotion - More of the Puracy brand and it smells DIVINE. The good thing is that you can trust the ingredients of this product. The bad thing is that you won't want to stop smelling your baby to finish up the bedtime routine.

Happy splashing!

Just a quick note: as an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Thanks for reading!

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