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Friday Five - 5 Beach Must Haves

We finally got back to the waves and sand after this past weird year of canceled beach trips, hunkering down, and staying home. For today's Friday Five, I picked a few items I was so happy to have at the beach this round...which items may be obvious picks, but at least you have the links now for easy access.

  • Bat-wing Kaftan/Cover-up - when I wore this out to the beach, my mother-in-law told me I looked "resort." I consider that a win, so if you want to fancy up your beach game (and cover as much of your pale skin as possible while looking chic), grab this #Amazon find.

  • Private Baby Beach - even with an ear infection, Indie was a fan of this little cabana that can be filled with water or sand (or both!) and is easy to set up (unless you have an angry little 10 month old crying hard and pulling on your arms because you actually put her down to assemble her new favorite beach toy...) and store. RECOMMEND with two thumbs up.

  • Swimwear for Sweet Baby - Indie's swimsuit was less expensive than the adorable Ruffle Butt brand and has so many prints to choose from! The best part - it has snaps at the bottom for easy diaper changing, which some very mainstream brands have forgotten is a necessary thing with little diaper-wearers. I might have to get her the cactus print... LOVE.

  • Backup Cover-ups - at this age, it's no longer about having the best golden tan. Those days are long gone as we fairer ones have accepted our skin fate. Now, it's about having the best tan from a bottle (hello, Beauty by Earth self tanner!) and otherwise preventing those blistering sunburns that haunted our childhoods by covering up like mature, responsible adults. Check out the Cara, C Merel, and C Mint Garden patterns in this cover up to be the chicest on the beach.

  • Sunglasses - everyone has their Ray-bans or Krewes (which I am actually wearing in the above picture), but I received a pair of Raen Remmy sunglasses for Christmas and they are (1) great for weird, narrow faces that never look good in sunglasses (ahem, mine) and (2) a high quality, good-looking alternative to the sunglasses the rest of the world is wearing. The barista at my favorite coffee shop complimented mine the other day and asked for the they must be cool!

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