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Friday Five - Gift Guide for the Impossible Recipient

We all have that one person in our lives who is nearly impossible to shop for…. For me, it’s my dad. His annual Christmas list includes new deodorant and maybe some bourbon. Receiving gifts just isn’t how he feels loved and he usually believes he could have found whatever we bought him for a better price. And yet, his kids still want to get something for him!

If you struggle with that kind of person on your list, I have compiled five ideas in the list below:

1. The Gift of Nothing - my personal favorite. And somehow, my dad LOVED this useless item so much.

2. Drop Stop - I selfishly purchased this for Patrick so that I could have one for the driver's seat of my car (comes in a pack of two). This may be one of the most underrated gifts on the market. You’re basically giving someone their sanity when you gift a Drop Stop.

3. Google Nest Hub - my mother-in-law has trouble cultivating a Christmas list each year and we surprised her with one of these. We programmed it (super easy!) to scroll through our Google Photos album of her two grandchildren…which automatically populates from our phone photos. She loves having a constantly updated collection of photos and we don’t even have to remember to send photos to a digital frame!

4. Bug-a-Salt - this gun can be filled with salt for ridding your outside (or inside if you feel like cleaning up salt...) spaces of flies and other bugs in an entertaining way! This is sure to provide hours of fun for that tough-to-buy-for guy on your list. These are available online, but also call your local hardware store; many stock them for quick pickup.

5. Plant - A beautiful plant (or one you can't easily kill) can be a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. There are so many interesting possibilities for this gift. You can also support local business by shopping at your neighborhood nursery.

A few bonus ideas: (6) write a heartfelt letter to your impossible gift recipient, telling them how much you love them; (7) if you come from a musical family, record your person's favorite song...we recorded Rainbow Connection for my grandmother one year so she could play her grandchildren singing over and over; (8) all the candy.

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