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Hey friends!

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

A few quick things about me.

It's weird to just jump right in... Hey! My name is Sarah Hunt. The boring stuff: I'm a 36-year old lawyer with an MBA. My true love is business. Contrary to popular belief, I do not love school and I absolutely hated law school...which made for three interesting years of misery. I'm an ENTJ (Meyers-Briggs anyone?) so efficiency is my jam (hence, the name of my blog and my hope for its posts). I love sharing recommendations for things I love, but want to do so in quick, easy-to-read posts. No one has time to slog through more these days!

“I love sharing recommendations for things I love, but want to do so in quick, easy-to-read posts.”

A Few Other Things About Me (bring on the efficient list!):

- I'm a wife. I said I would never marry someone younger or a lawyer... ANNNNNNNDDD enter Patrick! The hubs is both, but he's the best so I couldn't resist. DISCLAIMER: he usually has a full beard to accompany that mustache, but he was shaved for Movember.

- I'm a mom. I have a hilarious toddler boy who is way too verbal for his age and has had legendary cheeks since birth and a five month old girl who may run the household soon (#mom #toddlermom #boymom #girlmom).

- I'm a glutton for punishment. Just kidding! I have two Great Danes (same thing?). I will introduce that pair more thoroughly in another post. We love them like children...if our children were the size of ponies...they are bigger than both of our children and their car seats and take up more room in the car.

- I LOVE FOOD. Maybe it's my French heritage? I love to try new cuisines, experience expertly-combined flavors, keep up with the restaurant scene in the South Louisiana area, try all the restaurants in all the other areas, eat my husband's amazing cooking, go on dates with him that center around culinary experiences...yes please.

- I can quote movie lines and Arrested Development like it's my job. Do they have jobs like that?

- I come from a family of seven children (two girls, five boys). SO. MUCH. FUN. Shout-out to #bigfamilies and #bigfamilylife!

- I despise raw tomatoes, but my favorite food in the world is spaghetti.

- I would rather avoid eating a cookie than eat a crunchy one. Team chewy cookie all day.

- I'm sure you'll learn other useless information about me as we go, so sorry for that in advance. BUT I'm glad you're here!

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