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How to Be Your Own Food Truck

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Since restaurants are still operating under some COVID restrictions and foodies starved for social contact are scooping up the slim outdoor seating faster than you can get your mask on, why not recreate your favorite burger joint, taco hut, or hibachi station at home?

My husband (oh how thankful I am to have married a man with culinary talents) got a flat top grill for Christmas, essentially morphing our backyard into the Hunt House Food Truck. Hibachi, smashburgers, fish tacos, and those folding tortillas that are sweeping the internet...we have been absolutely feasting! When the weather warms up after this ice storm (which could be tomorrow, because that’s how Louisiana rolls), we’re planning a #sociallydistanced outdoor neighborhood brunch to flip pancakes for all.

I’m linking details of your “food truck starter kit” below in case you too want to be the coolest family in the neighborhood, loved far and wide for your famous chocolate chip flat top griddle cakes.

1. Blackstone Griddle - obviously, you're going to need one of these guys.

2. Griddle Lid - (I repeated that in my head a few times). Here is an option that comes with an "accessories kit" like some of the accessories linked below.

3. Grill Accessories Kit - all the things you'll need to look professional.

6. The duds - your grillmaster will need an apron and a chefs hat.

7. Outdoor furniture - there are so many options out there, but something along these lines will draw the crowds. Or, you could go with the old wrought iron favorite.

8. Platters - I recommend melamine or another non-breakable variety for carrying all your culinary creations back and forth. Pick out some options to make you feel like you're dining on the coast of Italy (with rectangular option), or a sweet scalloped option, or classic white.

9. Pancake mix - we love this kind!

10. Plates - how pretty are these?

11. Cute masks - if we have to wear them, might as well get some that are comfortable and fun! Also look at Etsy for so many excellent options.

12. Champagne and non-breakable flutes (stemless for the whole neighborhood or stemmed) - plastic because every party needs champagne.

And to keep the kids entertained while you savor your flapjacks, see my post about water beads!

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