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Ice Storm Preparedness Kit

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Like much of the southern portion of the country, we recently got caught in a very unusual weather event for Louisiana - an ice storm. Hurricanes? We got this. Ice? We have no idea what ice even is, let alone how to survive an entire storm of it.

With the little cold snap that arrived this afternoon, I've put together a list of some items that helped us get through the recent ice storm, especially with an infant and a toddler (disclaimer: not included below is the generator our kind neighbors lent us for day two of no electricity that powered exactly one TV and one DVD player with a Disney movie for our cold, cranky, over-the-no-power toddler who refused to wear socks or a long sleeve shirt and had lost interest in endless hours of watching the fire in the fireplace, which really should receive honorable mention here).

The Basics

  • LED Lanterns - no contest, one of the most useful supplies we had on hand for lighting an entire large room or making a trip to the bathroom so you can find the toilet. Be sure to stock plenty of batteries.

  • Headlamp - keep a few of these on hand to free your hands up when you're cooking Ina Garten's Unforgettable Beef Stew on your portable gas stove (see below) to warm your insides while the world around you freezes.

  • Fire Starter Logs - no shame. Yes, I grew up at a summer camp. Yes, I can make a fire from kindling collected in the nearby woods. Yes, I still want a fire starter log for my urban dwelling fires. It goes without saying that you will want a wood-burning fireplace and some firewood to go with these... And matches! You'll need those for your gas stove too (a lighter of some sort would work too).

  • Portable Camping Stove - you may have a gas stove in your home (shout hallelujah if that's the case!). If not, invest in an emergency camping stove - small portable life-saver if you're hungry and stuck with no power. Or heck, get one of these and have the whole neighborhood over! Be sure to fill up your propane tank (and a spare?) before the storm arrives!

  • Portable charger - plug in one of these well before the storm hits as a safety measure to be able to keep your phone charged in case of emergency.

  • Battery operated radio - these can also be useful in an emergency if your phone does run out of juice or you can't get weather and news updates on your phone. Bonus, the one linked can charge your phone too!

The Cozy Things

Now that you have your lanterns out, a fire in your fireplace, and a pot of beef stew simmering, layer up, and settle in.

  • Wool Socks - keep those feet warm.

  • Thermal layers for him and her, and don't forget the kids.

  • A snuggly blanket - this one is weighted too!

  • Hot hands - I would have stuffed my gloves and socks and tucked these right in with me under my snuggly blanket if I had some on hand during the power outage...massive oversight on my part.

  • Hot chocolate - obviously an essential for an ice storm. Heat it up in a small saucepan over your camping stove!

The Kids

Hunkering down for a power outage with a toddler and infant is a whole different ballgame than a cozy winter storm with your spouse.

  • Books - all the books... I love this one or this one. Remember these?

  • Toys - a Mr. Potato Head that we had purchased on Black Friday and were saving for a rainy day ended up coming out during the ice storm. But consider any toy that can capture a little one's attention for longer durations and doesn't need to be plugged in (or can run on batteries).

  • Glow sticks - these can be fun during the day or throw them in the bathtub at night to add some extra fun light when the power is out!

  • Sparklers - what better way to transform a potentially boring and possibly scary event for a little one to a fun and special night! Pull out that battery operated radio and have a party!

  • Sound machine - eventually bedtime arrives and if your babies can't live without their white noise - like me...I mean OURS! - then make sure you've got one or several of these little gems on hand and charged. We keep ours in a carrying case like this one.

Tip - keep all of your basics in one easy to find container, along with batteries and a sound machine (charged periodically), in case of unexpected loss of power.

What other items have saved you during a power outage or hurricane, tornado, ice storm, or snow storm?

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