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If You're Looking for Some Amazon Basics, Get These.

Amazon has long been my source for whatever random item I needed at the moment, like special glue for a broken teacup or dryer balls or the best fingernail clippers I've ever experienced. But I only recently delved more deeply into the expansive world of Amazon clothing. Starting small, here are my favorite basics from Amazon (and for reference, I am just shy of 5' 7"):

  • Soft Joggers - If you are looking for a non-jean pair of pants that is a step up from leggings, these may just become your go to. They are a soft, lightweight material that make you forget you're even wearing pants. I bought this navy pair and fell so quickly in love that I bought a black pair too. And for $14, you can buy two pairs! Or even more... There are 10 color options; I bought the medium for a slightly looser fit, but go with your usual size if you want them snug. (Advanced tactic: buy two sizes in one of the color options with free returns so you can find your perfect fit and return the other!)

  • White V-Neck Tee - This white v-neck t-shirt is a great wardrobe staple. I actually think I bought it on a whim and was pleasantly surprised - you can't even see the typical nursing bra lumpiness through the shirt! It's so hard to find a white tee that hangs well and isn't pima cotton thick but also isn't see-through. The pocket and the cuffs on the sleeves add some pizazz. Warning: for my southern readers, this shirt is not cotton so it may be a no go when temperatures rise to scald-the-surface-off-the-sun levels. I am wearing a small and it is pleasantly loose, even postpartum.

  • Buttery Soft Yoga Pants - THESE. I love these. I don't actually do yoga, but it doesn't matter. These high-waisted leggings are simply sublime! It has been said that they are better than the much pricier Lululemon align leggings, but I cannot attest to that, having never owned Lululemon clothing. I could wear these versatile heaven-leggings everyday (I bought a second pair in the olive color, so I just need five more pairs before I actually do wear them every day). One of the best parts, as I so gracefully model above, are the side pockets, which helpfully hold my phone/keys/the bullet I found in the neighborhood on my walk the other day while I carry my baby/sticks/rocks/my toddler's bike when he gets tired of riding it when we're only halfway around the block. The pockets really are clutch.

  • Batwing Tunic Sweater - You may have seen this sweater going is worth the buy. The fabric is unbelievably soft, the neckline is elegant, and the tunic length is appealing for those who haven't jumped on the high-waisted pant + crop top look. I would brave a flight to Indonesia in this getup - it's that comfortable. You could throw on some sneakers for a more casual look or dress it up with mules or boots. The small (pictured here) is not small so size down if in doubt. There is no shortage of color options too!

  • Athletic Shorts - My favorite athletic shorts! I like these so much that I asked for a second pair for Christmas. These fit like a dream and have inner elastic lining to keep them in place while you're tackling those New Year's resolutions. I would say these fit true to size, but I am still enjoying the extra space of the next size up (mediums) while I'm hoovering lactation cookies and carbs. Spotted - the white v-neck tee!

These are some of my top Amazon basics; stay tuned for more Amazon apparel!

As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Thanks for looking!

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