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Managing the Masterpieces

The Conundrum

If your house is anything like ours, you have amassed mountains of artwork from your budding little artists. Our pint-sized Picasso periodically comes home from daycare with a grocery bag of his artistic endeavors. We exclaim over each accomplishment and hang some pieces on a bulletin board in the corner of the den that serves as a playroom, but most of his collection makes its way to one now overflowing drawer in his room.

As parents, we are supposed to save every last piece of art our children produce, right? And then we end up with boxes of the most adorable but indistinguishable scribbles taking up attic space for years to come! Not very #minimalist but I too am sentimental about my babies' creations.

The Solution

I read a brilliant suggestion from #RealSimple about how to preserve the memories without saving every single artistic expression:

  1. Designate one landing spot for kid artwork and save all art there throughout the year.

  2. At the end of the year, take pictures of each piece of art.

  3. Create a photo book with a service like Google Photo, Apple Photo, Shutterfly, etc. to commemorate that year's artistic masterpieces.

  4. Keep a few of your favorite originals and then you won't have to feel guilty about recycling the rest!

Boom. So #organized and clutter-free (not that our kids' artwork is clutter, but you know how it can add up quickly...) And how much fun for your little artists to have volumes of their artwork through the years!

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