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Midi Dresses Are So Fetch - a Target Look

If you have been on social media at all lately, you know that midi dresses - those longer, often tiered or ruffled dresses that hit mid-calf in length - are all the rage right now. I have never thought that length was flattering on me, but I decided to give the style a try.

Verdict: if I wear heels, the midi dress length can work for me! Holla! If I wear flats, I do not dig the look. For those of you who disagree, there are fafillions of options for you in the midi dress market right now!

I recently tried two midi dresses from #Target that I truly recommend! They are lovely and feminine and oh so comfortable. I also threw in a shorter dress for kicks. Reviews below:

1. Blue Dress with Ruffled Sleeves - This one might actually be a keeper for me! I know...I never thought I would say that, but it is flattering and comfortable - AND POCKETS. The sleeve detail gives it a little something extra and, dare I (an upper thirties mom) say, flirty? I am wearing an extra small and was actually surprised at how snug it was. (I guess the breastfeeding ta tas should not be underestimated.) Floral print options with some added bodice detailing are linked here.

2. White Button-Front Midi - I must admit, I liked this one too. It is a roomier fit than the blue midi, but offers the benefit of being nursing-friendly with its functioning buttons. Also, the white version is lined so as to avoid an unnecessary see-through event a la Princess Diana, but there is a bright purple option as well. I ultimately concluded this dress is not my style, but I do love it! I am wearing an extra small.

3. Sleeveless Ruffle Hem - This was a no-go. Comfortable, yes. WAY too short, yes. You can't really tell from the photo, but that front hem is pretty way up there. I do like the color, which is less of a brown and more of a dark beige? Why must hems inch up and up? No can do...but I still think it's cute. I'm wearing an extra small.

Thus concludes my recent adventures into the midi dress craze. After being pleasantly surprised by the blue dress, I may venture back to midi land in the future and, if I do, I will be sure to bring you along.

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