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Friday Five - Mother's Day Inspiration

Updated: May 21, 2021

If you're still struggling to find that perfect gift to make mom feel loved this weekend, below are five unique gifts that

  1. StoryWorth Subscription - This is such a cool idea! When you purchase a subscription, each week for a year the company sends an email story prompt to the recipient, who can answer the question about family history, a memory, little stories, etc. At the end of the year, the company compiles all the answers in a beautifully bound book that can be passed down as a way to preserve family memories in the recipient storyteller's own words! The company is doing a $10 off Mother's Day promotion and there is no shipping involved, so there is still time to purchase for Mother's Day!

  2. Morse Code Necklace - Search "morse code necklace" on Etsy to see the endless possibilities for customization and design on this one. I actually gave my mom one of these necklaces in the past. It is delicate and personal - perfect for Mother's Day!

  3. Mug Warmer - you have probably seen the popular Ember mug and warmer, but I have read reviews saying that those have trouble keeping temperature if anything is added to the coffee (like milk, for example). Enter basic mug warmer. Moms often don't have time to just sit and drink a cup of coffee while it's hot, but this gift can help. There are several designs and complexities available on Amazon, but the one I have linked has 34,000 reviews. Hurry for Prime shipping!

  4. Lifefactory Travel Wine Tumblers - THIS ONE! This gift gets me excited! I actually use some of these at home when I don't feel like handwashing a typical wine glass. I love this company (which makes my favorite glass water bottle) and you can find these wine tumblers at Bed Bath & Beyond and on Amazon as well. If your mom or mother-in-law is a fan of wine, this might be her new favorite gift...

  5. Handwritten Letter - The art of the handwritten letter is dying, but how special is it to receive a hand-penned note, written thoughtfully and from the heart? This requires no shipping and almost no cost - a couple of pieces of paper or a lovely card and some ink is all that is required. Sometimes the things that don't cost a lot are the most special of all, and this gift is no exception. Take time to write out what you love most about your mother and what you will always remember about her. This is a gift that will never go unappreciated. (And if you want someone to handwrite it for you, Etsy has you covered.)

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there of all sorts (biological or not)!

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