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Toddler Book Roundup

No fluff in this post. Just a list of fabulous books for toddlers (and babies), along with a few words about why we love them. If you doubt our credentials, just know that we are #readers. We read a LOT of bedtime stories...and morning stories, and middle of the day stories, and afternoon get the idea.

  1. The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry & the Big Hungry Bear. Don and Audrey Wood books are fantastic. In fact, two of them make this list. The illustrations alone are the best!

  2. Grandfather Twilight. Loved this soothing, sweet book as a kid and still love it as an adult.

  3. Never Touch a Dinosaur. GET IT WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY. Wonderful for babies too because of the textures. There are several in this line, but this one is our favorite.

  4. Goodnight Mr. Darcy. A kid's version of Pride and Prejudice, but even Hayes has loved this book.

  5. Good Night, Gorilla. Not a lot of pictures, but we talk through what is happening in each page and this was a nightly choice in our house for so long.

  6. Bear Snores On. A rhyming party!

  7. Quick as a Cricket. The imagination in this one...and again, the pictures! It's been a favorite since we got it.

  8. Pride and Prejudice. So I love Pride and Prejudice. And there are some great kids' versions to add some culture to the nightly bedtime stories. BUT, I really added this book to tout the BabyLit line generally. Search for it on Amazon and find a world of classic literature converted to toddler-friendly, board book versions. (Actually, Goodnight Mr. Darcy is also in the BabyLit line!)

  9. Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You. Any of the Nancy Tillman books are full of whimsy and beautiful love notes for your babies. Try to read them without crying.

  10. Barn Dance!. A swinging, rhythmic good time!

  11. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?. Hayes loved this book when he was younger...he loved it over and over and over. So, you might hate me after reading it for the fafillionth time, but your baby will probably adore it unceasingly.

  12. Each Peach Pear Plum. This book is sweet and can grow with your baby, offering nursery rhymes with precious pictures for the little bitties and then a fun searching game as your baby gets older (i.e. "do you spy the three bears?"). We love it!

  13. ABC What Can She Be?. This book was a gift for Indie, but Hayes seizes every opportunity to run off with it and pour over the pictures!

  14. Lift-the-Flap First 100 Animals. Excellent for entertainment (flaps to lift) and vocabulary. We have several Lift-the-Flap First 100 books and they are mainstays around our house.

  15. Mother Bruce. This story is hilarious for parents! Give yourself a laugh and keep the toddler entertained with this favorite.

  16. ABCs of ART. Talk about culture! Expose your little one to classical works of art AND the alphabet with this kid-friendly volume.

  17. The Hiccupotamus. Another funny rhymer that is newer to the scene and we are fans!

Happy reading!

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