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Walmart's Dress Game is Strong

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Walmart is killing it in the fashion department these days. I have been so impressed with several recent purchases, from athletic items to casual dresses. If you want to spruce up your wardrobe without breaking the bank, take some time sifting through their apparel, especially the Free Assembly line new arrivals and the Time and Tru line. #walmartfashion

Here are a few items that will get me through Spring and even into Fall! You're going to have to excuse the dirty mirror...I have a toddler.

  • Green Sweatshirt Dress - yes, you read that right. Sweatshirt. It is so comfortable and cute! Who doesn't love a shift dress to hide the food baby belly, and what's more, this one has the added puff sleeve detail to transform it into an acceptable sweatshirt to wear to a baby shower, church, will be a go-to for me. The green color is perfection. I'm wearing an extra small (but will probably hang dry).

  • Rust Sweatshirt Dress - why, yes, it is the same perfect little puff sleeve dress as the green one above. Annnnnnd, it's finding a home in my closet too. I can see this one transitioning with me into next fall. I didn't style it with jewelry, but it can easily be dressed up or down, with the same blissful comfort of a sweatshirt. I'm wearing an extra small in the rustic brick color here, but it also comes in heathered gray.

  • 3/4 Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress - you're starting to see a pattern... but the 3/4 sleeve version was great too! The sleeve length screams "wear me when it's Spring but it's still a little chilly outside." Even better, all of these dresses are long enough to pass the private school fingertips length test and I am 5'7" for reference. Now I just need more of a tan...can we just make blindingly pale cool again? This is an extra small, but I could also wear the small without it looking baggy.

  • Utility Shirt Dress - ah, some variety! Excuse the wrinkles; the little one was waking up from her nap so I had to rush. This dark gray color is so good. I was looking for a nursing-friendly option and found it with the functioning buttons down the front of this dress. At first, I wasn't sure I liked it because the belt is high on the long-torsoed among us (me), but it quickly grew on me! The neckline is attractive and the fit of the dress is cute when the belt isn't tightly cinched like I had it at first. You can't see it well in the picture, probably because of the baby slobber dried on my camera lens, but there are two pockets on the chest - love the detail! I am not the biggest fan of the longer back hem, but it really isn't unbearable. And the pockets make up for it over and over again. This comes in four color options, including denim. I'm wearing the extra small.

  • Cheetah flats - $15! These cheetah flats can be worn like a neutral, but will add a little extra to any outfit. Wear them with jeans, dress pants, dresses, cropped pixie pants...the list could go on and on. They are subtle and the print is small (a great "starter animal print" for those who are timid but considering the wild side). They fit true to size. There are several colors and materials available and, for the price, you could try more than one!

Other Options to Check Out:

  • I tried this on in the rusty brick color and LOVED IT...except that a 5'7" mother of two just shouldn't be seen in something this short. The fabric was fantastic and the style made me want to make it work, but instead I will just highly recommend it to my shorter friends. Please buy this and wear it for me.

  • I saw this on someone else and it was so cute! Much better in real life than in the online photo. It would be another nursing-friendly option, so it may end up in my next haul in either moss green or the denim - such an easy thing to throw on and go.

  • Better suited for winter, but these are also worth a look (and nursing-friendly). Maybe purchase one now so you have something cute to wear when the first cold snap happens? #planahead

And now I apologize in advance if all I wear going forward is sweatshirt material.

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