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Water Bead Fun for All! (I mean, for kids...)

Is it weird for an adult spend hours playing with a tub full of water beads? Asking for a friend...

We just discovered the wonderful world of water beads at our house, and they kept my toddler (ahem, and me) entertained for the three days we kept them in my bathtub before I missed my evening soaks! If you haven’t seen them yet, #waterbeads are tiny little pellets that grow into marble-sized squishy gel balls when you add water - excellent for sensory play or just plain fun!

These little blobs of color are great for inside time (think rainy days, freezing weather, etc.) or outside and can be grown in bathtubs, bowls, buckets, pots, pans, cups...the more receptacles, the better! They provide interesting pouring and grasping practice for the development of little motor skills. I am a HUGE fan and so was my favorite little boy!

You can shop my link here for the ones we bought off Amazon! We tried another kind, but like these better because they were slightly bigger.

As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you for reading and shopping!

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