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You Didn't Know You Needed... Amazon Finds

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

You know when you stumble across a product that you didn't know existed, but then you realize that it meets an intense need you suddenly have (irreparably sore back, for example) or solves a problem you thought was just part of life (slipping fitted sheets, for example)?

Meet the "You Didn't Know You Needed..." series!

In this series, I will introduce you to a few items that I have found here and there. Hopefully they fill that weird and unexpected gap in your life.

  1. Diamond Ring Cleaning Brush - Shockingly, these really do restore the sparkle to your diamond jewelry in a flash at home and they are affordable. You could also throw one of these in with engagement gifts for the soon-to-be-newlyweds in your life who want to keep their new baubles glimmering.

  2. Car Safety Hammer - I recently read about a woman having to cut her baby out of its car seat after a fender bender, and these went into my Amazon cart immediately. But then Santa brought them as cheery little stocking stuffers for my husband and me...I guess Santa shops at Amazon.

  3. Buddha Board - I saw this on a friend's story recently and it went into my Amazon cart immediately. (I'm seeing a trend here.) I have not yet had a chance to try it, but it looks like a more sustainable way to achieve artistic zen than going through drawing pad after drawing pad with your little Picassos. You paint with water and, when it dries, there's a blank canvas for your next masterpiece.

  4. Percussion Massage Gun - YES PLEASE. I gave my husband a percussion massage gun for Christmas (I was thinking of him, I promise...) and it has been a favorite new de-stressor in our house! I would recommend these again and again.

  5. Fitted Sheet Suspenders - Did you know these exist? We actually use them with our slightly too small fitted sheet and they work like a dream! I like these because they do not require any significant gymnastics to stretch the elastics far under the mattress; they attach right under the corner of the mattress. Voila! Your fitted sheet stays secure.

  6. Office Chair Pad - Get the one with the little spikes on the bottom, cut it in half, and place it spike-up on your sofa to keep your Great Dane off the new couch!

  7. Glass Straws - My husband asked me the other day if I was capable of drinking a beverage without a straw... YES. But, man I love a good straw. I plan to try these out soon. Glass because drinks taste better out of glass and you can easily see how clean they are on the inside (great for all you germaphobes out there...cough, cough, me).

  8. Sleek Socket - Honestly, I just like the name. But seriously, I had no idea these existed until last week and now the furniture-flush-against-the-wall possibilities are endless! Not to mention being able to cover outlets from little fingers with forks but not lose the use of the outlet. Mind blown.

Happy shopping to you all!

Disclaimer: as an Amazon affiliate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

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