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You Didn't Know You Needed... Amazon Finds - Vol. 2!

If you were around for the first of the "You Didn't Know You Needed..." series, you will know that occasionally I stumble across (or friends recommend) somewhat unusual items that you weren't previously aware you needed but that fill some unique purpose in your life.

Here's installment numero 2 in that series! You can read my previous post here.

  1. Acrylic Book Weight - For the avid outside reader who wants to avoid the hassle of actually having to hold the pages of their book open on a windy day.

  2. Wyze Cam - In my opinion, $25 is a crazy good price for all that this little powerhouse camera provides! You can access the camera through your cell phone while you're out and even opt in to alerts of any movement or sound. We have been very satisfied with the picture and sound quality as Wyze Cam users ourselves!

  3. Palm Peeler - This seems like a great way to simplify the peeling process and keep your hands out of the way. I have yet to try these, but they're in my Amazon cart!

  4. Garlic Peeler - Continuing with the peeler trend, a friend of mine suggested this item to me that I cannot wait to try. Word on the street is that it does work to peel your garlic with less mess while saving your hands from overwhelming and persistent garlic smell! The pictures on the Amazon page show how to use it. I'm completely fascinated.

  5. Silicone Mat for Hot Hair Tools - I should get one of these because I am frankly not sure whether our bathroom countertops are susceptible to burn marks and, well, better safe than sorry! $10 silicone mat or $$$ counter replacement? I'll take the mat please. This version has a pocket for safe storage or travel.

  6. Neti pot - Yes, we're exiting flu season, but jump on the neti pot train if you haven't yet. I was a doubter for years. I thought I would sputter and drown if I used it. But I finally opened my mind and my nostrils and gave it a try. HALLELUJAH! It is life-changing! Just give it a go. See if you think it shortens your colds. I'm not going to claim that it does (, but I'm going to shout from the rooftops that I am a Neti believer for life.

  7. Dryer balls - #sustainability! Wool dryer balls are the new dryer sheets. They are touted as a natural, reusable way to reduce wrinkles and drying time. We use them and I would say our towels seem to dry quickly and well when the dryer balls are bouncing around with them. Do they truly make a difference? I'm not sure, but I'm saving money on dryer sheets and we haven't had a problem with clothing static recently!

Test these items out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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