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Hayes Turns 3 - Firefighter Birthday Party!

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Hayes' true loves right now are firetrucks and being a fireman. We are constantly having to extinguish imaginary fires in our house with various "hoses" like pool noodles or extension cords. Fortunately, there is no shortage of firefighter-themed party supplies out there!

I have pulled together links to some of the items we used (and loved)!

  • Decorations - we kept it pretty simple with this one and done set from Amazon for $13 and this flaming table cloth for $6.50. I also couldn't resist these "Sound the Alarm" cups, plates, napkins, and cutlery. I picked up a few extra sets of orange, yellow, and red (like fire) napkins and plates from Hobby Lobby (50% off party supplies, boo-yah!) along with one extra red disposable table cloth. I threw in this firey disposable table cloth to be cool mom, but we could have gone with a red or orange cheap disposable option from Hobby Lobby. I don't think Hayes even noticed the added drama of the flames... Quick note - there is a helium shortage and the balloons become expensive to fill pretty quickly. Consider not using all of the ones that come with the set to keep costs more manageable.

  • Food - fruit from Costco, mini chicken biscuits from Chick-fil-A, cupcakes from the grocery store ($20 for 34...far too many, but we're new at this party planning thing), and a homemade cake. Boom. Done. We also included a tub of waters and the leftover Honest juice boxes from the party favor Costco supply.

  • Cake and Cupcakes - the decorations set from Amazon came with 24 cake/cupcake toppers. We also bought this cake/cupcake topper set so that I could use the flames, fireman, and ladder for Hayes's cake, with the remaining toppers reallocated to the cupcake supply. The piece de la resistance, though, was this pull-back action and sound/lights firetruck that we used to top the cake. Added bonus - it's a sturdy fun little toy that Hayes could keep after his party!

  • Favors - since this is the first birthday party we've thrown for Hayes with non-family invitees (i.e. I might have gone overboard for my baby boy), we opted for a little extra flare with party favors! We found these adorable firetruck shaped favor boxes from Amazon. They are smaller than expected, but fit all the items we wanted to add:

    • Glowsticks (these are so bright!! Great for bath time too)

    • Stickers (we found some really fun "make your own face" ones)

    • Bouncy Balls

    • Honest juice boxes (from Costco)

    • Annie's Homegrown bunny snacks (from Costco)

  • Lagniappe - we gave Hayes a new firetruck t-shirt for his birthday so he could wear it at his party.

And there you have it! Easy firefighter party! Pro tip (because now I'm a pro) - have the party at a park, and then you don't have to worry about cleaning your house and party cleanup is a breeze.

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